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Rare earth permanent magnet material NdFeB

Neodymium rare earth permanent magnet is a new type of magnetic material, which was developed in the 1980s. It has high-quality magnetic characteristics, high-energy and high diamagnetic products. So far, this is the strongest magnetic material, so it is called the king of magnets.

Main uses of Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet material
In many fields, such as instrumentation, automotive industry, petrochemical industry and magnetic health care products, neodymium iron boron has replaced the traditional ferrite, neodymium nickel cobalt, samarium cobalt
Appearance of rare earth permanent magnet material NdFeB

The most typical and basic commonly used magnet shapes are disc, ring, arc and rectangle (square). The surface can be coated with nickel, zinc, epoxy, tin, chromium, silver and gold

Development of rare earth permanent magnet materials
Rare earth elements have unique magnetic characteristics. In modern science and technology, rare earth materials using rare earth as raw materials are very important materials. According to the development of rare earth materials, it can be divided into three generations: the first generation, samarium cobalt 5, a rare earth permanent magnetic material, was developed in the United States in the 1960s and mainly used in the military field. The second generation of rare earth permanent magnetic materials, samarium cobalt copper iron zirconium, was developed in the 1970s and widely used in many fields. The third generation of NdFeB magnets was developed in Japan in 1980s. The birth of the third generation of magnetic materials has attracted worldwide attention, because NdFeB magnets not only have the advantage of price, but also have higher magnetic strength. NdFeB products of Nd and Fe replace expensive first generation and second band products of SM and Co.

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