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Is strong magnet harmful to human body

The direct attraction of magnets may cause pinch injury, especially the Nd-Fe-B powerful magnets and large magnets. The harm of magnets entering the body from the mouth is more serious, which may damage life. Because of the magnetism of Baiwei magnets, the mutual absorption in the body will form intestinal perforation in the body, which will cause massive bleeding. The situation will endanger life. Please be careful that the magnets can play directly for children. Main composition of natural magnet: Fe3O4, chemical formula Fe3O4, often called "magnetic iron oxide". It is a black crystal with magnetism. It can be regarded as a compound composed of ferrous oxide and iron oxide. It does not dissolve in water and does not react with water. It reacts with acid and is insoluble in alkali. It is mainly used for primer and topcoat, magnetic track data in electronic industry, and rust inhibitor in construction industry. Due to the limitation of Joule magnetostriction, conventional magnets can only be used as actuators to apply force in one direction. Even if it is only actuated in two directions, a large number of bulky magnets are needed, which will increase the deposition and reduce the efficiency. The non Joule magnetostrictive magnet can shrink in all directions at the same time, so it is easy to realize the compact omnidirectional actuator.

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