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Can magnets be transported by air?

Can magnets be transported by air? The answer is yes. The premise needs to be entrusted to do degaussing. The so-called degaussing, in fact, the magnetism has not disappeared. It is just a re combination of the items in the unit package, so that the magnetism displayed on the unit package can meet the requirements of the national aviation safety transportation.
In order to prevent interference to aircraft instruments, especially compass instruments, when the magnet is transported by air, the shipper shall pack the magnetic materials in the following ways:
1. The opposite magnetic poles of magnetron, illuminometer and other instruments and devices must be placed relatively.
2. The permanent magnet material must be equipped with magnetic armature or shielded to prevent the deviation of compass caused by magnetic field. Passive decoding of the degaussing board is commonly referred to as foam packaging.
3. Each package of magnetic material must be correctly marked and labeled according to the regulations of IATA.
4. Ensure that the magnetic field intensity measured at 4.6 m (15 ft) from the surface of the package does not exceed 0.418 A / M (0.00525 Gauss) before shipment.
5. It is suggested to pack large pieces in wooden cases.

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