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Ferrite magnets

  • Motor magnet arc magnet section
Motor magnet arc magnet section

Motor magnet arc magnet section

  • Type: Soft
  • Composite: Ferrite Magnet
  • Application: Industrial Magnet
  • Size: custom
  • Product description: Motor magnet arc magnet section
We have rich experience in providing products for European motor users, and we have passed TS16949 certification. We are pleased to provide you with a full set of PPAP reports and samples.
Ferrite (ceramic) magnets are mainly composed of oxide materials containing barium carbonate or strontium carbonate produced by powder metallurgy process. Because of its low permeability and high coercivity, recoil has high resistance to demagnetization. In addition, their relatively low specific density and economic cost are also very attractive to magnet designers. When designing ferrite magnets for specific applications, the shape limitation should be considered first, which is due to the P / M manufacturing process and the temperature dependence of ferrite materials. The ferrite magnet has good corrosion resistance without surface treatment.
There are two manufacturing processes for ferrite magnets: dry process and wet process. Isotropic and anisotropic magnets can be produced by dry processing, but only anisotropic magnets can be produced by wet processing. Isotropic ferrite magnets have no direction and can be magnetized in any direction. Anisotropic ferrite magnets are different, they are oriented along the direction of manufacture, and should be magnetized along the direction of orientation. For dry process, tools can be easily replaced and developed, while for wet process, tool replacement is complex and more expensive.
At present, we will focus on circular segment magnets for motors, disk magnets and block magnets for special applications